mercredi 24 avril 2013

dépopulation par pollutions

1)à Minami-Soma (Japon) les élèves se baignent dans des piscines contaminées.

Radioactive cesium levels exceeding 100,000 becquerels per kilogram were measured in mud accumulated at the bottom of swimming pools at two high schools in and around Fukushima city. clic

2)à Pékin on garde les enfants à l'intérieur car l'air est devenu irrespirable.

The boy’s mother, Zhang Zixuan, said she almost never lets him go outside, and when she does she usually makes him wear a face mask. Levels of deadly pollutants up to 40 times the recommended exposure limit in Beijing and other cities have struck fear into parents and led them to take steps that are radically altering the nature of urban life for their children. clic

3)dans le Golfe du Mexique, suite à la marée noire de 2010, (B.P.) les choses empirent. la santé des gens se dégrade. "cela ressemble aux symptômes développés par les soldats de la Guerre du Golfe". que veut cacher B.P. ? 

 the 32-year-old single mother was coughing up blood and suffering constant headaches. She lost her voice. “My throat felt like I’d swallowed razor blades,” she says.
Then things got much worse.“These are the same symptoms experienced by soldiers who returned from the Persian Gulf War with Gulf War syndrome,”. clic


Here's a picture of global spring-time anthropogenic aerosol depth : Bellouin et al.

juste désespérant.

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5) on s'empoisonne davantage aux USA par la nourriture. décès en augmentation par empoisonnements. clic,