mardi 12 février 2013

démographie ou jardinage

That is farms are getting smaller and smaller because in the third world, usually, when the father dies his farm is divided among all his sons. This causes the size of farms to shrink until they are no longer capable of supporting a man's family. I have read of this problem before, particularly in Bangladesh and China where is is acute.
Smallholder Farming in Asia and the Pacific (Large PDF)
The overall trend in Asia has been that of declining farm size over time. For example, in China farm size decreased from 0.56 hectares in 1980 to 0.4 hectares in 1999 (Fan and Chan-Kang, 2003); in Pakistan it declined from 5.3 hectares in 1971-73 to 3.1 hectares in 2000; in the Philippines the average farm size fell from 3.6 hectares in 1971 to 2 hectares in 1991; and in India it declined from 2.2 hectares in 1950 to 1.8 hectares in 1980, to 1.4 hectares in 1995-96 and to 1.33 hectares in 2000- 01 (Nagayets, 2005; Government of India, 2008). In Bangladesh, the average farm size declined from 1.4 ha in 1977 to 0.6 ha in 1996 whereas in Thailand, it declined from 3.8 to 3.4 ha between 1978 and 1993.


les fermes deviennent de plus en plus petites dans toute l'Asie. ce, car lorsque le père décède sa terre est partagée entre ses fils. la taille des "fermes" ne permet plus de nourrir les familles. 
pas assez de terres ou trop d'humains ? de plus, le retour à la terre préconisé par certains est-il simplement possible ?
terre arables et irrigations personnelles, super écolo mais pour combien  d'humains? solution individuelle pour un problème global.