mardi 22 novembre 2011

Flics ou/et Voyous

"Among China’s numerous law enforcement ranks, Chengguan (城管: The City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau) is perhaps the most feared and despised for their brutality and total disregard of the laws. Google "Chengguan" and thousands of news concerning this law enforcement branch pop up. Thought no longer surprised by news on Chengguan violence, Chinese public are still furious about them. Lately a viral video of a Chengguan squad in Henan province attacking a police officer has caused a stir on the Internet.

On Oct. 27th, when a Chengguan squad in Zhumadian County in Henan was tearing down a residential building by force, they came into conflict with the owners. More than 20 Chengguan officers started to attack the elderly owner of the house. Seeing this, the neighbors called police. "


en Chine, c'est clair. (et obscur).