lundi 12 septembre 2011

retour aux fondamentaux

11, Sep, 2011. At JR Hachioji station stairway to north exit. Geiger counter detected 0.378uSv/h was peek. Geiger counter position was around 1m so not on ground. It was shocking.

compteur Geiger et :
[...] Before the Fukushima crisis can be said contained, the holes and cracks from which the water and fuel are escaping must be located and sealed. But this extremely difficult task could take years because the radiation near the reactors is simply too high to let workers get near them. [...]
The cracks and holes in the leaking reactors haven’t even been pinpointed yet, let alone fixed, [experts] say.
“As an engineer, I am worried (about the plan to let residents return) when it is still unclear what is really going on inside the reactors,” said [Shinichi Morooka, a Waseda University professor and reactor expert].
For the time being, Tepco can only guess where the water is leaking from and which parts need repair, because radiation has prevented workers from fully exploring the buildings. [...]

Japan Times: Nuclear fuel is escaping from holes and cracks — Years before leaking stops?


et :

An Oily Tide Washes in With Gulf Storms

dimanche 11 septembre 2011 11:58:12

Rocky Kistner
Media associate, NRDC
When Tropical Storm Lee pummeled the Gulf coast with wind and rain last week, it left more than local floods and wind damage in its wake. Residents from Florida to Louisiana report the slow-moving gale blew in oily residues, thick tar mats and tar balls, confirming fears that the crude from BP’s historic blowout is far from gone....