lundi 26 septembre 2011

Manipulation directe

Reconstruction from brain activity 

on reconstitue l'activité cérébrale en images :

les applications sont infinies....par exemple les "fictions/films" pourront avoir plusieurs fins selon QUI les regardent...

bonne matiné NON ! je n'invente rien...

The future of mind reading is here. Scientists at Gallant Lab, UC Berkeley have created a computer program that can translate brain wave patterns into a moving image. They call it "Natural Movies."

The images are the result of visual perception in subjects watching hours of YouTube videos. As their brains processed the stimulus sent by their eyes, an fMRi machine recorded brain activity and a computer program translated those signals into a fair representation of what was going through the subject's mind.

The video below shows the mind reading results and there's no denying that, although this technology is in its infancy, its future development should benefit a wide variety of human activities.

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