mardi 19 avril 2011

on nous cache tout, tout le monde le sait !

Twisting truth: French media keep public in dark over Libya

 France is currently fighting in three wars. It was the first foreign state to intervene in Libya, the largest force in Côte d'Ivoire’s civil war and it has just sent more troops to Afghanistan. But the French media take a different angle.

­Watching the French media gives you an unexpected perspective: the Americans are responsible for the rising civilian death toll, and there's no mention of the French contingency.
“We’re being fed by propaganda that bears no relation to the truth. We’re told the international community is behind us. But France just wants Africa’s resources”, Stefane Cantin, an anti-war activist told RT.
russia today extraits

les russes notent (non sans ironie) que les médias français à la solde du gouvernement laissent les... heu..bref, le peuple français dans le "noir", quant aux buts (et moyens engagés) des 3 guerres menées par son  (???!!!) armée.