lundi 25 avril 2011

fukushima : meurtre avec préméditation avéré ! (2)

Tsunami Quickens ‘Terminal Decline’ of Northern Japan’s Fishing Industry

Radiation from fish and lobsters near the U.K.’s biggest nuclear polluter suggest radioactive material dumped into the sea from Tepco’s Fukushima power plant isn’t a long-term health threat, according to Richard Wakeford, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute.
That hasn’t stopped China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong from banning fish imports from parts of Japan. The countries accounted for about 70 percent of Japan’s fish exports in 2009, according to Japan External Trade Organization figures.
“Radiation is a grim reaper, you can’t see it and you can’t smell it,” said Ken Banwell who has worked as a fish importer in Tokyo for 22 years. “I would say it would have a profound effect on sales from those areas.”

manger ou pas = mortel :

Death Estimates

Arnold Gunderson, a 39-year veteran of the nuclear industry, stated: “I absolutely disagree with the scientists who say that Fukushima’s not going to hurt anyone. The numbers I’ve seen, from reputable scientists, are that Fukushima is going to kill 200,000 from increased cancers over the next 50 years.”

Likewise, Dr. Christopher Busby, Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, states that 400,000 people will develop cancer within a 200 kilometer radius of Fukushima.  He believes that TEPCO and the Japanese government were criminally negligent for failing to inform the public of the true danger.

Natalia Manzurova, one of the few survivors among those directly involved in the Chernobyl clean-up, is an advocate for radiation victims.  Her advice for the Japanese people was to “run away as quickly as possible. Don't wait.  Save yourself and don't rely on the government because the government lies. They don't want you to know the truth because the nuclear industry is so powerful.”

Nationally acclaimed neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. stated with the Fukushima radiation hitting the United States, there is going to be a risk of increased cancer.  


The Fukushima radiation leak is a soft-kill operation against the people and ecosystem of the Northern Hemisphere.

pour ceux que ça interresse, lire les propositions "criticables" d'aréva !

French Plan To Clean Fukushima’s Radioactive Water Detailed — Including Risks

France reprocesses reactor fuel at the vast La Hague facility on the Normandy coast. The so-called low-level liquid wastes from reprocessing are discharged into the English Channel and into the air. However, these “low-level” wastes still contain highly radioactive and often long-lived isotopes. Dumping these same wastes into the sea in containers would violate the 1970 London Dumping Convention.”
via Physicians for Social Responsibility (pdf)