lundi 21 mars 2011

gageons que demain il n'y aura plus de pétrole dans le golfe ! (du mexique)

Oil confirmed by local official — 5-mile stretch seen offshore; Oil already reached Grand Isle, Port Fouchon

Grand Isle Fire Chief Aubrey Chiasson confirmed this morning that the substance is oil, but officials have not determined where it came from....

un début d'analyse qui vaut ce qu'elle vaut :

1. BP sprayed massive amounts of dispersant (corexit) on the oil throughout the Deep Water Horizon crisis. This sank the oil to the sea-floor. Seasonal changes in the currents and tide have started washing up that dispersed oil on to our beaches & has been killing wild life recently. None of this is normal- it’s not algae, sediment or whatever else they are blaming it on.
2. The government is refusing to admit this for two reasons. First, they believe it is in the long-term economic interest of the region to say that there has been no impact on the environment- even if that means selling out the people who live there now. Second, the British government has asserted all of their diplomatic pressure on us to absolve BP of any more financial liability. The reason why is that BP is the only remaining English company with a global image- and they want to keep that company in good shape. England is our #1 ally and we owe them a lot of favors- our government is providing them cover in this disaster and it’s shameful.

à nos méninges, à nos "infos" (où ça, où ça ???).

maintenant là où il y a "golfe" dans la phrase : restons ATTENTIFS !