jeudi 30 août 2012

Hélicoptères scientifiques et démocrates

U.S. helicopter flying over Bay Area scanning for radiation

A helicopter will be flying low over San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Pacifica through Saturday to record natural radiation levels, federal authorities said Monday.
The flyovers are part of research by two federal security agencies to compare aerial and ground based mapping of radioactivity. source

 et :
Many Berkeley residents have been in touch with us today asking about the helicopters that have been flying overhead, across the city and also into Oakland. A call to Berkeley Police Department confirms that the choppers are out measuring baseline radiation levels. source

je les trouve très "sur le coup" les américains. sur le coup des radiations. un effet de leur sécheresse ? ils ont peur pour leurs centrales ? leur sécurité ? leur refroidissement ? ou ils s'entraînent ? 

ils évacuent aussi :

 BATON ROUGE -- Tangipahoa Parish officials have issued a mandatory evacuation for communities near the Tangipahoa River because Percy Quin Dam in Mississippi is expected to fail, officials said Thursday. The dam in Pike County is in imminent danger of failure due to flooding from Hurricane Isaac, officials said. ici

The evacuation area runs from Kentwood to Robert along the river, he said.
State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson said Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness head Kevin Davis was on his way to Tangipahoa to work with Burgess on the evacuation. The National Guard has a helicopter hovering over the dam to monitor the situation, Edmonson said. As of 10:45 the structure was still holding, he said.

les USA m'ont l'air bien "agités". ils ont des hélicoptères qui survolent, qui prennent des mesures, qui surveillent...
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